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SAFE Network vs Ethereum

People involved in the world of cryptocurrency for a few years now may have come across the SAFE Network. This project provides a decentralized data storage and communications network, which supports decentralized applications. Some people like to draw parallels between SAFE Network and Ethereum, which is understandable. However, the two are quite different, despite a seemingly similar approach. 2. SAFE Network It is not hard to see why the SAFE …
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MaidSafe Unveils Public Alpha Version of the SAFE Network

It has been coming for a very long time, but Maidsafe has finally released the Alpha version of their SAFE Network. After going through five months of rigorous testing and a total of eight test nets, the team feels this solution is ready to be tested by the general public. This is one significant milestone along the way of creating a decentralized internet. The SAFE Network Alpha Release The Internet …
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