MaidSafe Unveils Public Alpha Version of the SAFE Network

It has been coming for a very long time, but Maidsafe has finally released the Alpha version of their SAFE Network. After going through five months of rigorous testing and a total of eight test nets, the team feels this solution is ready to be tested by the general public. This is one significant milestone along the way of creating a decentralized internet.

The SAFE Network Alpha Release

The Internet we use today allows us to connect to people all over the world in a matter of seconds. While there is a lot of freedom on the internet, censorship is running rampant as well. Only be creating a decentralized internet can we address these problems, and create a better ecosystem for everyone.

This is where the SAFE Network comes into the picture, which is developed by the MaidSafe team. Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, anyone with a computer or a laptop can give this network a try. There are two components to take into account, as there is the Launcher and the Demo App.

As one would expect, the Launcher app lets users set up their account and access the network. The Demo App is a companion app that allows users to create their webpage on the SAFE Network, alongside a public ID. All of this is run through proprietary computing resources, albeit the upcoming Vault release will let users contribute their own resources.

It is important to note the demo app is only the first application of what the SAFE Network has to offer. Over the coming weeks and months, more applications will come to fruition, giving people a better understanding of how it all works. Developers are more than welcome to get a more hands-on approach and build their own tools and platforms on top of the SAFE Network.

As is the case with any alpha version, there may be stability issues. Future updates will come to improve stability and performance, as well as introduce new features. Creating a decentralized internet is not done overnight, and it will take a lot of testing and tinkering. With a powerful community behind it, the MaidSafe team is confident their efforts will pay off.

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