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Criminals Successfully Extort Safari Browser Users Watching Adult Content

The saying “internet is for porn” proves to be quite correct in some cases. Ransomware scammers recently exploited a bug found in Apple’s Mobile Safari browser to extort fees from people who partook in viewing porn on their devices. Although the vulnerability has been patched since, it goes to show mobile browsing habits can lead to a lot of trouble down the line. Viewing Porn In Safari Leads To Extortion …
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Apple Pay Becomes An Online Payment Solution

When payment solutions evolve throughout the years, they usually transition from the web into mobile. But Apple Pay is doing things in a reverse manner, as the payment solution will be coming to the internet. Using this mobile solution on the web still requires ownership of an iPhone, as well as using the Safari browser. Apple Pay In The Browser On paper, it may sound convenient for users to make …
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