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RxEAL: a Real Solution to a Real Problem in Rental Markets

RxEAL is a new blockchain solution for rental markets that provides a platform for safe security deposit storage. Using the opportunities offered by blockchain-based smart contract technology, RxEAL aims to reduce the high rate of disputes about security deposits that often arise at the end of a rental period. This is not a project that will disrupt rental markets, instead – RxEAL applies new technology to existing real world uses, …
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RxEAL: Blockchain Solution for Rental Markets

RxEAL is a platform for secure rental deposit storage that utilizes blockchain technology to solve long-standing problems faced by rental markets. One of the most pressing challenges in rental transactions is the high rate of security deposit disputes – globally, almost half of all security deposits are subject to disputes. RxEAL aims to solve this problem by employing blockchain technology and smart contracts to improve rental security deposit storage and …
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This Upcoming ICO Will Solve Rental Security Deposit Issues

RxEAL, a new platform for secure rental deposit storage on the Ethereum blockchain, is about to launch its token public presale. RxEAL aims to solve the problem of the growing number of security deposit disputes by providing a simple way to create smart contracts and offering decentralised dispute resolution. Currently, the company’s main focus is on real estate and automotive rental markets. Dmitrijs Orlovs, co-founder and the head of business …
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