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Three in Four US Enterprises Will Only Upgrade Cyber Security After An Attack

Enterprises mostly still live in the dark ages of cyber security, unfortunately enough. A recent survey by the RSA indicates the majority of companies dealing with cyber attacks have little to no response capabilities. In this day and age of hacking, data breaches, and malware threats, such a lackluster level of security is entirely unacceptable. A Stern Wake-up Call For Enterprises The survey conducted by the RSA is not spelling …
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Ransomware Education – CryptoLocker Introduced Timed Bitcoin Payments

Staying on the topic of ransomware for a few days, it is important to take a look at which different types of this software have given Bitcoin such a bad name throughout the years. The first main Bitcoin ransomware to make a name for itself was called CryptoLocker, and the software is still claiming victims to this very day. Even though various alternatives have been released throughout the years, …
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