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Gridcoin Technical Analysis for 11/30/2015 – Sideways Price Action

Gridcoin has been in a bull market since September, but the price action over the past week is showing that a sideways market is now firmly established. The 0.000035 area has proven to be an iron resistance level. Price has failed to break above this area on four different occasions now. Price did hit a high of 0.00003907 on the 28th, but there was not enough buying pressure to stay …
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Ethereum Technical Analysis for 11/23/2015 – Triangle Formation

Ethereum has stayed under 0.003 since the start of November. In fact, the market has failed to break above 0.003 on five different occasions this month. If we observe the price action on the 2-hour chart, an ascending triangle formation can be clearly identified. These patterns usually resolved themselves with a very violent break in either direction. The big question: which way is this gonna break? Let’s take a look …
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