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Tor Project Loses Top Contributor And Bridge Authority Feature

The Tor project continues to make headlines all over the world, even though the news is rather mixed these days. The most recent update regarding Tor saw one of their veteran contributors leave the project after shutting down a critical network node. Not the best course of action, but it will not be the end of the world either. Another Blow For The Popular Tor Project Those users who are …
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Malicous Tor Nodes Are Becoming More Aggressive

It appears as if there are malicious tor nodes in the wild, which are designed to spy on darknet sites. Ever since Tor was created, it became apparent keeping the entire network safe at all times would be a monumental task. With users running individual nodes on the network, it is hard to determine what their ulterior motives are. The Potential Harm in Rogue Tor Nodes Bad exit nodes on …
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