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What Is RChain?

With Bitcoin and Ethereum dominating the cryptocurrency and blockchain landscape, it is not surprising to witness new competitors emerge on a regular basis. One of these new entities is Rchain, a new type of blockchain technology. Its goal is to provide content delivery at the scale of Facebook and process transactions at the speed of Visa. Both of these claims are pretty bold. The company recently raised US$5 million in funding to advance the …
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Synereo’s Special-K Offers Distributed Storage Without Reliance On Central Points

Most people know Synereo as a blockchain-based platform that looks to transform the way we think about social media. Embarking on such a journey is a massive undertaking, and it will require a ton of development before such a platform can even be created. The company revealed more details regarding their distributed storage protocol called Special-K. A Peek Under The Hood Of Synereo Development Many people tend to forget there …
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Synereo Unveils Sharded And Concurrent Blockchain RChain

Decentralized social network Synereo has announced the development of RChain, their blockchain-based technology stack. Not only will this technology provide scalable decentralized computation abilities, but it will also revolutionize the way the Internet works. An interesting idea, although it will only be deployed in Q4 of 2017 at the earliest. RChain Improves Upon Existing Blockchain Standards What RChain does is act as an additional layer on top of the standard …
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