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Raiden Gains Momentum, Signs Major Partnerships

After launching the first “off-chain” transaction solution for blockchain, Raiden Network (RDN) has significantly ramped up its business with a string of major partnerships. “The pace of adoption of Raiden’s technology has exceeded expectations,” says Yubo Ruan, Co-Founder of Off-Chain Technology Group, an organization that develops blockchain transaction solutions. “We knew uRaiden made history by enabling blockchain to scale beyond ‘several transactions per second’ to millions per second.  And by …
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Cryptocurrency Community Remains Divided Over Raiden ICO Announcement

All major cryptocurrencies have had to come up with new ways to ensure their networks scale effectively. In the Bitcoin world, that solution is known as Segregated Witness, which paves the way for the Lightning Network. Ethereum has a similar protocol known as Raiden. Unfortunately, it seems the developers of this scaling solution are going a slightly different route than was originally assumed. Their plan to host an ICO has been getting …
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Ethereum’s Raiden Network Is on the Testnet

The Ethereum ecosystem is scheduled to undergo some big changes over the coming months. The first part of the Metropolis hard fork is scheduled to go into effect in a few weeks from now. Additionally, the Raiden scaling solution is now available on one of the testnets. This is another major step in the right direction for Ethereum, as there is growing demand for a better-scaling network. Raiden Goes Through …
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