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These 3 Reasons Will get you Excited About Maglev Trains

Public transportation is often considered to be both a blessing and a curse rolled into one. It is convenient because humans don’t have to drive a vehicle across the road. It is a curse if the transportation vehicle doesn’t arrive on time. When it comes to maglev trains, there are a lot of different reasons to at least give this form of transportation a fair chance.  High Speeds Make People …
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Sweden Trials NFC Implants for Public Transportation

There are quite a few improvements to be made where public transportation is concerned. Buying tickets with a mobile device and autonomous transportation vehicles are two major breakthroughs in recent years. Sweden is taking things one step further, by letting railway travelers check in by using an NFC chip embedded in their skin. This new test will raise a lot of eyebrows, that much is evident. NFC Body Implants Are …
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New York Public Transportation Will Not See NFC Payments Until 2021

Innovative payment solutions are not available everywhere in the world at the same time. While Londoners have been able to use NFC payments for public transport since last year, New York residents will have to wait at least a few more years before this functionality comes to fruition. Also read: Is A VC Beneficial To A Bitcoin Or FinTech Startup? NFC Payments Are Difficult To Implement Depending on where one …
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