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Top 4 Things Most People Don’t Know About Bitcoin

Ever since the inception of Bitcoin, there have been several misconceptions related to this popular cryptocurrency. Seven years later, and quite a few of these misconceptions are still present today. There are some very basic things that very few people seem to know about Bitcoin, even though they are all vital pieces of information. #4 Not Owning The Private Key = No Control A significant number of Bitcoin novices purchase …
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BlackBerry Exits Pakistan Over Privacy Demands – Blockchain Technology Can Help

Times are troubling for BlackBerry, as the once popular smartphone manufacturer looks to be┬ápulling out of Pakistan next year. The reason behind┬áthis drastic decision is clear as day: the Pakistani government wants the manufacturer to install backdoors in their BlackBerry Enterprise Service emails and BBM chats. The war raging against technology and privacy is in full effect, at a time during which transparency and openness are needed. Also read: Swatch …
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