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OKEx Korea Might not Delist all Privacy Coins After all

The cryptocurrency industry is always evolving in one way or another. Privacy coins have become very problematic in some Asian countries, with South Korea being the main point of focus. Contrary to an earlier decision, OKEx Korea will not remove all privacy coins just yet. Two coins are still in the good graces, for the time being.  OKEx Korea is on the Fence A few weeks ago, OKEx Korea -together …
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Is There a Future for Privacy Coins in the United States?

Cryptocurrencies which provides users with privacy and anonymity are often looked down upon by politicians and other officials. Especially in the US, privacy coins such as Monero and ZCash might face an uphill battle in the future. The most recent White House press conference only confirms these currencies are designed for criminals and no one else.  The Stigmas Remain For quite some time now, the term “privacy coins” is associated …
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