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High Prices May Help Solidify Crypto’s Place in History

Bitcoin’s recent price increase has shocked both longtime believers and skeptics alike. One reason for the price rise likely is the new money flowing into the network and the opening of Bitcoin futures trading. Another reason could be that people are hoping for “free coins” from SegWit2x a la Bitcoin Gold or Bitcoin Cash. Regardless, it is a good time to be holding Bitcoin. It is less of a good time for …
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Bitcoin Trading: Price Analysis for 4/19

What’s up traders, It’s Sunday, but bitcoin doesn’t rest, so let’s get into it and look at this triangle: Currently bitcoin is tightening it’s range in this triangle. This formation occurs when price makes higher lows and lower highs in a range and signifies that range is compressing and getting ready for a powerful breakout. Bitcoin has been a bit wierd lately. The last chart pattern, the bear flag we …
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Bitcoin Trading: Price Analysis for 4/18

What’s up traders, Back again with the daily bitcoin breakdown. Yesterday we saw price do a couple fakeouts of the bearflag we talked about, ultimately returning back to the original consolidation level. Now, we are teetering along support trying to make new highs. Here, we can see that bitcoin dipped into that 62.8%-79% sweetspot that we like to see on our fibs and then bounced strongly to the upside. 224 …
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