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First Independent Audit of Pretty Easy Privacy Tool Reveals Four Critical Bugs

Privacy and security are two topics that have gained importance as of late. Albeit Internet users should have respected these values quite some time ago, it has taken several data breaches and other hacks before consumers saw the light at the end of the tunnel. The Pretty Easy Privacy tool, which focuses on encrypted communication, has gone through its first audit. A Major Milestone For Pretty Easy Privacy One of …
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Pretty Easy Privacy Now Available for Outlook And Android

Encryption is finally available for Android and Outlook users. Pretty Easy Privacy, as this solution is called, works just as the name would suggest. It is easy to set up and lets users encrypt email communication. This project is developed by the creators of PGP, who crowdfunded the idea through Indiegogo over a year ago. Pretty Easy Privacy is Finally Here An email encryption tool for Outlook and Android is …
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