Pretty Easy Privacy Now Available for Outlook And Android

Encryption is finally available for Android and Outlook users. Pretty Easy Privacy, as this solution is called, works just as the name would suggest. It is easy to set up and lets users encrypt email communication. This project is developed by the creators of PGP, who crowdfunded the idea through Indiegogo over a year ago.

Pretty Easy Privacy is Finally Here

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An email encryption tool for Outlook and Android is quite useful, and it has been a long time coming as well. PEP wants to make existing software solutions more secure, instead of creating a whole new app environment for consumers to get used to. This solution is open source, and can be run on all the main operating systems.

Among the services offered by this tool are encryption services, fully automated key management services, and support for existing encryption solutions. PGP, CMS, and S/MIME are all compatible with Pretty Easy Privacy, which is a nice bonus. Last but not least, this solution allows for anonymization as well.

Encryption is a great tool on paper, but there are a lot of pitfalls developers need to avoid. Pretty Easy Privacy removes the opportunity for an attacker to switch the email header. Moreover, the solution encrypts the subject of the communication by moving it into the body of the email or message. Both of these aspects are of the utmost importance to anyone who takes encryption seriously.

Unfortunately, this solution is not free of charge. Then again, very few people expected it to be, considering the team held a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for it last year. Users who do not renew their Pretty Easy Privacy subscription when it runs out can still read incoming mails and messages. However, they will no longer be able to send encrypted messages and emails until the subscription has been renewed.

Speaking of Pretty Ease Encryption subscription fees, the fees are relatively small compared to what most people expected. A yearly Outlook subscription costs US$19.9 9for the first year, which is very cheap. Mobile pricing was not available at the time of publication, as the service was not available in the Google Play store yet.

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