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The Blockchain Economy Is the Result of Political and Social Realities: An Interview with James Haft of CryptoOracle

There’s a strong sense of community in crypto, whether it’s troubleshooting wallet setup, collaborating on GitHub, or answering the questions of interested and skeptical friends. All of these daily interactions happen on a micro level and are mostly about making money. James Haft, co-founder of New York-based CryptoOracle, is a modern-day Rousseau, focused on blockchain technology’s role in reshaping economies and society. In this exclusive interview, we’ll get into the philosophical …
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Dutch Researcher’s Tor Node Used During US Political Hacking Spree

The United States is currently mesmerized by potential hacks affecting the political system. Initial assumptions hinted at Russian hackers being involved, but it has remained unclear whether or not that is the case. We do know the hackers breached a Dutch Tor node, owned by Bits of Freedom’s Rejo Zenger. It appears a total of 70 Dutch Tor servers were used during this attack, which makes the investigation even harder. …
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