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Poland Buys Back 100 Tons of Gold From the Bank of England

Poland is one of the world’s biggest producers of gold. In a new turn of events, the government decided to flex its financial muscles through an intriguing acquisition.  Most economies around the globe are struggling or in shambles. Poland Stock up on Gold Poland is one notable exception, at least where the official figures are concerned. Its current economy stands at $586 billion and is largely considered to be healthy.  …
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Poland Looks To Turn Elite Universities Into Local Startup Incubators

Universities are a great place for innovative ideas to take a more solid form. Plenty of students have an idea of what changes they would like to see, and some of them may even try to do something about it. Over in Poland there is a plan on the table to turn universities into startup incubators, which would certainly shake things up quite a bit. An Exciting Development For Polish …
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Poland’s First Two-Way Bitcoin ATM Is Here

Bitcoin ATM’s are a great way to get novice users acquainted with this disruptive digital currency, and they also provide an easy-to-use gateway for purchasing bitcoins with fiat currencies. One of the main features about these ATM’s – which is not available at every location unfortunately – is the fact you can also sell Bitcoin in exchange for fiat currency. Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, can now be added …
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