Poland’s First Two-Way Bitcoin ATM Is Here

Bitcoin ATM’s are a great way to get novice users acquainted with this disruptive digital currency, and they also provide an easy-to-use gateway for purchasing bitcoins with fiat currencies. One of the main features about these ATM’s – which is not available at every location unfortunately – is the fact you can also sell Bitcoin in exchange for fiat currency. Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, can now be added to the list of locations with a two-way Bitcoin ATM.

Bitcoinomat.pl – Building a Bitcoin ATM Network

Over the course of recent years, we have seen many Bitcoin manufacturers pop up all over the world. Most of these companies are based outside of Europe, with Bitcoinomat.pl being one of the exceptions to that rule. This Polish company aims not just to create a lot of Bitcoin ATM’s, but they also want to build the largest Bitcoin ATM network in Poland and beyond.

One of the first steps in realizing that goal is achieved by installing Poland’s first two-way Bitcoin ATM at Five Restaurant, located on Grzybowska 5 Street in Warsaw. Installation of this machine was made possible with the help of Midgar. This announcement comes just a mere three months after installing the very first Bitcoin ATM in Poland, which can be found at Bobby Burger in Warsaw.

Warsaw’s two-way Bitcoin ATM is a BitxATM device which allows users to both buy and sell bitcoin in exchange for fiat currency. Seeing as how this machine is a two-way ATM, we can conclude this is a BitxATM Sumo device, which is priced at 3,990 EUR [excluding VAT]. It is important to note the machine will be accessible every day between 11AM and midnight, and all transactions subject to a 5% commission.

“Bitcoin is the digital currency of the future. At the moment, around the world, more and more companies accept payments [in Bitcoin]. […] Poland also follows this trend, and the mission of Bitcoinomat is [to set up] machines to facilitate the acquisition of the currency. With [Bitcoinomat], you do not have [to register] in an exchange, give [your personal] data, wait for the transfer [to process]. Purchases and sales [using] our machines are immediate – you only [need] a Bitcoin wallet, cash and to be an adult.” Bitcoinomat.pl


Bitcoin Education in Poland

One vital tool to make Bitcoin a widespread success is informing people about not just the currency, but also the advantages offered by the Bitcoin technology. Bitcoinomat.pl is aiming to educate the Polish population on Bitcoin, as well as promote the use of Bitcoin [the currency] throughout the country.

In order to promote the use of Bitcoin, Bitcoinomat.pl will keep bringing more and more Bitcoin ATM’s to Poland. At this point in time,it remains unclear whether or not there will be more two-way Bitcoin ATM’s being installed any time soon. What we do know is that the company is looking to put additional ATM’s at the best possible locations for maximum exposure.

But that is not all, as Bitcoinomat.pl is also targetting business and retailers in order to push Bitcoin adoption to new heights in Poland. At this point in time, Bitcoinomat.pl offers assistance in regards to implementing Bitcoin payment solutions and corporate training sessions on Bitcoin-related topics.

Website : http:///www.bitcoinomat.pl

Source : http://tech.money.pl/hi-tech/artykul/otwarto-pierwszy-dwustronny-bankomat-bitcoin,106,0,1717098.html