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Technical Analyst: There Is No Bubble at This Point

In a wide-ranging conversation with The Merkle, the co-founder of The Chart Guys explained why he doesn’t believe the current cryptocurrency market constitutes a bubble. “The great thing about this market is that when one coin, when Bitcoin cools off, the money is going to go somewhere else. And that’s because, in my opinion, there is no bubble at this point. I think it’s reached enough mainstream adoption . . …
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Bitcoin Uncensored Hosts Face Legal Action Over Perianne Boring Interview

Bitcoin enthusiasts are well aware of how Perianne Boring has been part of a controversial Bitcoin podcast not too long ago. Bitcoin Uncensored invited Ms. Boring to be a guest and answer some questions regarding Bitcoin and blockchain. But things did not work out as planned, and she is considering to use the podcast and its hosts. Perianne Boring on Bitcoin Uncensored Being part of any podcast will always require …
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