Bitcoin Uncensored Hosts Face Legal Action Over Perianne Boring Interview

Bitcoin enthusiasts are well aware of how Perianne Boring has been part of a controversial Bitcoin podcast not too long ago. Bitcoin Uncensored invited Ms. Boring to be a guest and answer some questions regarding Bitcoin and blockchain. But things did not work out as planned, and she is considering to use the podcast and its hosts.

Perianne Boring on Bitcoin Uncensored

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Being part of any podcast will always require some preparation, even when it is about a topic one is very comfortable with. The most recent Bitcoin Uncensored podcast was a very entertaining one, albeit Perianne Boring may think otherwise. While there are no real “wrong” opinions on Bitcoin and blockchain, the lines seemed to blur during this particular episode.

It has to be said the setup of this particular episode could be seen as a way to trick Perianne Boring into saying some unusual things. Then again, anyone who is actively lobbying for Bitcoin and blockchain can expect some difficult questions now and then. A lot of Bitcoin community answers were not too happy with the answers Ms. Boring gave during the Bitcoin Uncensored episode.

Saying the interview did not go as she had planned, would be the understatement of the year. The Bitcoin Uncensored hosts seem convinced Perianne knowledge on Bitcoin, the blockchain, and regulation is rather disappointing. Then again, people have given horrible interviews in the past, especially when they feel like others are trying to poke holes in their knowledge.

What caught people’s attention is how the Bitcoin Uncensored team could run into legal trouble for this podcast. While there is a right to freedom of speech, it would not be the first time an episode had to be pulled offline. By the look of things, Perianne Boring has decided to take legal action if the episode is not removed immediately.

It will be rather difficult to enforce the hosts removing the episode, though. Ms. Boring agreed to be on the show and have it published afterward. There does not seem to be any derogatory comments in the episode either. This situation sets an interesting precedent, and once again shows there is still a lot of education to be done on Bitcoin and blockchain.

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