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What Is Po.et?

In the world of content creation, publishing, and entertainment, everything¬†lies within a centralized walled garden. Po.et aims to change that by letting creators own their content at all times. Using blockchain technology for this purpose is an interesting¬†approach that will bring positive attention to this technology. Now is a good time to look further into the Po.et project as a whole. What is Po.et Doing Exactly? It is only normal …
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The Merkle Partners With Po.et to Revamp Digital Publishing With Blockchain Technology

Combining content creation with blockchain technology makes perfect sense. This is especially true when one is looking to create a timestamped proof of authenticity which cannot be altered by a third-party service provider. Po.et, a new platform focusing on providing blockchain-based timestamped metadata for digital publishers, announced four different partnerships. One of the partners is none other than The Merkle. Po.Et Welcomes The Merkle and Others as Partners Digital publishers …
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