The Merkle Partners With to Revamp Digital Publishing With Blockchain Technology

Combining content creation with blockchain technology makes perfect sense. This is especially true when one is looking to create a timestamped proof of authenticity which cannot be altered by a third-party service provider., a new platform focusing on providing blockchain-based timestamped metadata for digital publishers, announced four different partnerships. One of the partners is none other than The Merkle.

Po.Et Welcomes The Merkle and Others as Partners

Digital publishers must always look for new ways to embrace disruptive technologies. Any digital publisher should be looking into utilizing blockchain technology, but that is much easier said than done in most cases. To that end, aims to provide a convenient service to all. The startup utilizes blockchain technology and timestamped metadata to create new licensing opportunities. It is an ingenious system which will change the world of digital publishing.’s team wants to pursue a few main objectives over the coming years. The platform is designed to bridge the gap between digital publishing and blockchain technology. Its team aims to provide publishing, licensing, and authentication of digital assets moving forward. Document integrity, for example, can be a problematic aspect when relying on traditional records and safekeeping methods. Thanks to, that will no longer be a problem.

Their entire platform is based on the Bitcoin blockchain. Many people would expect a service such as Poet to focus on Ethereum technology, yet the team has made a conscious decision to choose Bitcoin instead. That is not entirely surprising, since the Ethereum blockchain lost its immutable factor once the DAO hard fork was introduced a year ago. The team will use smart contract functionality and applications to facilitate the distribution of digital creative works.

As exciting as this new project sounds, its developers are already looking to add future improvements. A digital media licensing marketplace will be added in a future version of the project. There will also be an asset wallet for all creative digital assets, which will open up new opportunities for licensing and monetization. The end goal is to create an open blockchain-based protocol for decentralized media applications. 

Now that has four partners on board already – including The Merkle – things can start moving quickly. Every partner will display a verification badge on articles registered on the Bitcoin blockchain in the form of an asset. This asset will include information such as its title, owner, author, and tags. There will also be a historical timeline of events for every recorded asset to create complete transparency regarding the entity responsible for registering the asset in question. As a digital publisher, The Merkle is proud to partner with and benefit from time-stamped articles recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Services such as show how the world of blockchain technology is evolving on a global scale. It also shows the Bitcoin blockchain can be used for so much more than just payments and financial solutions. It will be quite interesting to see how decides to integrate their future smart contract technology. Even though the platform is still in its alpha version, has the potential to change digital publishing irreversibly.