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Google’s First Phone – The Pixel

Google chose to break their tradition of outsourcing production of their phones (the Nexus series) and make arguably the best cell phone on the market in house. The Google Pixel is a phenomenal phone that I would suggest to anyone looking for a new device and can foot the bill (after taxes this phone is about $750). Though I do enjoy the technical and software aspects of this phone, my …
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Using Google Pixel Smartphones In DayDream VR Causes Overheating Issues

Samsung is not the only manufacturer of high-end smartphones dealing with overheating issues. Google’s new Pixel and Pixel XL phones are showing worrisome temperatures after 15 minutes of usage within the DayDream VR environment. Albeit no devices have exploded just yet, something fishy is going on where the battery part of top smartphones is concerned. DayDream VR Overheats Google’s Pixel Smartphones Using virtual reality on a smartphone is a concept …
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Confirmed: Leaked Images of the Google Pixel

Since the Galaxy Note 7 and the new iPhone have been officially announced, the Google Pixel has been the most anticipated phone to date. Thanks to a joining of forces with Steve Hemmerstoffer, known on Twitter as @OnLeaks, and Android Authority, there have been some leaks of what is to come. Hemmerstoffer compares the outer shell of the Pixel to the still unreleased Sailfish; also by Google. Sailfish is a …
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