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Top 5 Upcoming Cryptocurrency Games

As cryptocurrency continues to grow, teams and individuals are working every day to bring new and exciting developments to fruition. One sector in which a number of teams are making progress is video gaming. Here are five of the most exciting cryptocurrency games slated to launch in the near future. 5. Augmentors Augmentors is a monster breeding and battling game that takes place in an augmented reality setting, Bello Realm. Similar to …
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A Beginner’s Guide to MobileGo

As cryptocurrencies continue to grow, groups of coins are priming themselves for real integration into worldwide industries. Among these industries, video gaming is perhaps the most ripe for widespread utilization of crypto. While there are dozens of coins seeking to play a role in this inevitable adoption, there exist a handful that are differentiating themselves in order to become the pioneers of this integration. What is MobileGo? Among the game coin pioneers is …
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