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PinkDate Offers a Decentralized, Inclusive, Anonymous Escort Dating Application

At more than US$150 billion, the global sex work industry is massive. Despite this, workers and consumers in this industry have no choice but to engage in extremely inefficient and insecure interactions. However, PinkDate offers a decentralized, inclusive, anonymous escort dating application. Workers and clients can soon be empowered in a way that has never taken place in the industry previously. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article With PinkDate, escorts …
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PinkDate Global Escorting Platform

Designed and built to successfully operate in spite of the new SESTA/FOSTA laws implemented in the USA to criminalize escort-related websites. The Escorting Market is Huge The annual escorting market is more than $157 billion worldwide. Yet, despite this huge market, there are no national or international leaders in this marketspace. PinkDate, with an ICO that pays dividends, is developing a secure encrypted platform to help escorts operate efficiently and …
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