PinkDate Offers a Decentralized, Inclusive, Anonymous Escort Dating Application

At more than US$150 billion, the global sex work industry is massive. Despite this, workers and consumers in this industry have no choice but to engage in extremely inefficient and insecure interactions. However, PinkDate offers a decentralized, inclusive, anonymous escort dating application. Workers and clients can soon be empowered in a way that has never taken place in the industry previously.

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With PinkDate, escorts and clients can connect and date through a revolutionary platform, the first global escorting platform. It completely redefines how the parties interact, and fights against sex trafficking because the verification process is strict. And all clients are also verified at the time they sign up on the platform.

As it currently stands, successful dates require a lot of work from  both escorts and clients. Beyond initial contact – which is difficult enough – both parties spend numerous hours chatting and texting to arrange a suitable day,t= time and place. And, the escort is particularly concerned that proper screening is conducted to make sure the other side of the relationship is safe and trustworthy.

Traditional escort and booking agencies are only marginally helpful, but they take approximately 40%  of the escort’s fee on every transaction. Depending on the locality, participating in escort services may represent a dangerous gray area or even be flatly illegal. However, even in areas that are not friendly and supportive to the escorting business, there is huge demand that will still find a way to be satisfied.

PinkDate is able to address and solve these issues, and fight trafficking.  PinkDate’s business model deploys important aspects of the blockchain-based ecosystem. And through encrypted infrastructure, every bit of information is highly secure.

PinkDate is the first dating application, a web app,  where screening, booking, payment, and advertising all happen in the same place. This reduces time and costs of arranging dates by 70%, alleviating the hassle for both parties involved.

PinkDate utilizes a privacy system that combines Tor integration and data encryption, so that participation from escorts and clients is wholly and unwaveringly anonymous and secure. Additionally, cryptocurrency integration by PinkDate means clients can purchase services with complete anonymity when they choose privacy coins like Monero, zCash, Verge, PumaPay and other such privacy coins as a medium of payment.

To further guarantee that PinkDate can operate anywhere, it has been set up to operate extra-jurisdictionally. That is, participation on the platform can take place worldwide, regardless of the local regulatory and legal climate the escort or client resides within. There is no risk of identities being revealed, so that clients and escorts can interrelate as they wish.

PinkDate users enjoy a Tinder-like interface; clients can cycle through thousands of escort profiles. Clients are able to “match” with their preferred escorts and check available times and dates. Each escort profile is accompanied by a number of pictures and a bio, similar to Tinder. Additionally, escorts share their hourly rates and calendar of availability. Clients can book a time with one click- no more hassle with arranging an appropriate date, time and place that works for both parties.

Not only does PinkDate massively reduce the work required by escorts through screening and booking, it also further empowers them by reducing the massive 40% fee charged by booking agencies. PinkDate’s fee is capped at only 20% for each transaction, meaning escorts enjoy taking more money home at the end of the day. PinkDate also offers a variety of incentives including rebates for advertising.

PinkDate is currently finalizing its ICO, which will launch on June 27, 2018. Between ICO and pre-ICO, 80 million tokens, coined PinkDate Platform (PDP), are to be sold.  Investors will be able to use a variety of cryptocurrency including Monero, LiteCoin, zCash, Bitcoin, BitcoinCash as well as Ethereum.

Because the PDP token is a security token (and not a useless ‘utility token’) investors in PDP token shares will have equity in the company which entitles them to receive dividends. Dividends are paid every three months, from 50% of PinkDate profits.  At a projected profit of US$30 million in just a few years, that’s $15 million in dividends expected to be paid out to token shareholders.

As PinkDate continues to grow, it’s expected that dividends will similarly increase. PinkDate represents a complete evolution in the escort business, and it’s only logical that it has potential to take a big chunk of that US$150 billion global sex work industry.