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Samsung Ready to Launch New Galaxy A Phones

The Korean giant will release three new phones with dust and water resistance. The phones, targeted to the less ‘well-off’ audience, are still equipped with many flagship-level features, such as 2GB+ RAM memory, and a premium bezel. The Korean company is hoping that these new devices will bring a new life to the brand, which has been struggling since the Galaxy Note 7’s demise. The new phones will be labeled as ‘Galaxy …
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Top 3 Interesting Gadgets Coming in 2017

From big, established brands to entrepreneurs and startups, the landscape of innovators wanting to release something new to the market has increased. Now we have more gadgets than ever before, all with the same intent: to captivate the consumer’s attention. Here we present a Top 3 interesting devices coming to you in 2017. The technological race never ceases.  Today it is essential to keep up with the new trends and developments in the …
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Samsung Releases Android Hotfix To Prevent Note 7 Explosions

The company has offered a patch to South Korean users, preventing the device from going over 60% of its battery capacity to prevent explosions.  Samsung (KRX:005935) announced that on September 20 it will offer an Android update to Galaxy Note 7 devices to limit the amount of battery charge to up to 60%. With this ‘hotfix’ the South Korean juggernaut expects to prevent the overheating flaw that many devices have …
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