Top 3 Interesting Gadgets Coming in 2017

From big, established brands to entrepreneurs and startups, the landscape of innovators wanting to release something new to the market has increased. Now we have more gadgets than ever before, all with the same intent: to captivate the consumer’s attention. Here we present a Top 3 interesting devices coming to you in 2017.

The technological race never ceases.  Today it is essential to keep up with the new trends and developments in the software, hardware, design, photography, and even the video game sectors. Undoubtedly, tech makes our lives easier, and every year the amount of gadgets and new products in the market are increasing. 2017 is around the corner, and we all have big expectations for it.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the Top 3 interesting gadgets coming in 2017:

Nintendo Switch

The new Nintendo video game console promises to deliver an inflection point in the entertainment industry, thanks to a hybrid design which allows the console to be used as a desktop or mobile device. If the user decides to go the traditional way, the Nintendo Switch will rest in a dock connected to your TV.

The biggest innovation that this console will bring is the new controller named “Joy-Con”, which can be split in two and houses a myriad of sensors. The Nintendo Switch comes with a built-in screen, so when you undock it, you can continue playing anywhere. The console is expected to be released in March of 2017.

Samsung Galaxy 8

After a turbulent year, thanks to the whole Galaxy Note 7 debacle, the South Korean giant firm seeks to wash their sins away with their new smartphone iteration. Samsung will try to prove that redemption is possible in the technology sector. For the moment the specs of the new Galaxy are based on rumors, but several outlets hint that the Snapdragon 830 and Exynos 9000 will make an appearance, along with 6 GB of RAM.  Others say that the phone will come with 8 GB.

A 6-inch display may be included in the new Samsung flagship device, which is bigger than the one featured in the S7.   Rumor has it that 4K resolution is a fact and that Sony has already incorporated it. A slimmer bezel and a 3400mAh battery may also be thrown into the mix.

Kodak Super 8

Some decades ago, before there were smartphones and digital point-and-shoot video cameras, we had something called ‘Super 8’, a format that Kodak released into the market in the 60’s, with the aim of making the filming process easier and more accessible. The invention sparked a new generation of movies and cinema.

Fifty years later, Kodak will release an updated model, featuring LCD screen, interchangeable batteries, microphone, and USB, SD, and HDMI support. The price and release date are yet to be announced, but the product will be available in 2017. Filmmaker J.J. Abrams said:

While any technology that allows for visual storytelling must be embraced, nothing beats film. The fact that Kodak is building a brand new Super 8 camera is a dream come true. With a gorgeous new design, interchangeable lenses and a brilliant scheme for development and delivery of footage, this camera appears to be the perfect bridge between the efficiency of the digital world and the warmth and quality of analog

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