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What Are Private Blockchains and What Purposes Do They Serve?

These days, the market is filled with both public and private blockchains, yet due to their similarities, many people tend to confuse the two. In this article, we will attempt to eliminate the confusion surrounding private blockchains and their purposes.  The Similarities Both public and private blockchain networks are decentralized and distributed P2P ledgers that safely record and store information through transactions. Additionally, both provide immutability guarantees and are kept in sync …
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Not Every Bank Needs Their Own Private Blockchain

It is no secret that every financial entity in the world wants to create their distributed ledger. Rather than embracing an open standard, banks want to control everything that goes on with blockchain technology. A lot of institutions are forking the Ethereum blockchain to create a permissioned ledger. That is rather interesting, considering that there are so many blockchain providers out there. Everybody Gets Their Own Blockchain! The primary purpose …
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UK May Impose Its Blockchain Regulation In The Coming Months

Blockchain technology will be subject to regulation, whether people like it or not. The United Kingdom may very well be the first country to present its regulatory guidelines in the coming months. The Bank of England’s Fintech Accelerator program is one of the reasons why this regulation will come to fruition, as distributed ledgers are the foundation of new and innovative products and services. Regulating Private and Permissioned Blockchains Is …
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