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Peerplays Open Sources Automated Blockchain-based Distribution Model

The Peerplays protocol is quite an interesting one to keep an eye on for any cryptocurrency enthusiast. This gaming platform has been focusing on using blockchain technology by creating an open-source fee sharing module. Any Graphene-based blockchain can distribute profits directly to its token holders. No more need for intermediary services or platforms, the way it should be done. Peerplays Introduces Automatic fee-Sharing Distribution With the growing demand and support …
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Revised Peerplays Proposal Offers 20% of Revenue To The DAO Shareholders

Peerplays is a concept dedicated to bringing something new to the table. While The DAO is still evaluating whether or not to invest in this concept, Peerplays is working on a sidechain solution. Exciting times are ahead for the Ethereum ecosystem; that much is certain. Peerplays Sidechain Technology For The DAO Ethereum enthusiasts who have been following the Peerplays proposal may recall how the project asked shareholders of The DAO …
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The DAO Considers Peerplays Investment In Exchange For 5% Stake

The world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is spawning many new projects which deserve some attention. The DAO, which is now the largest crowdfunding campaign in history, is looking to invest in some of these projects. Peerplays is one of the projects under consideration Peerplays Considered By The DAO For Investment Using open-source blockchain technology to ensure casino card games are provably fair is an attractive business model. Peerplays is …
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