Peerplays Open Sources Automated Blockchain-based Distribution Model

The Peerplays protocol is quite an interesting one to keep an eye on for any cryptocurrency enthusiast. This gaming platform has been focusing on using blockchain technology by creating an open-source fee sharing module. Any Graphene-based blockchain can distribute profits directly to its token holders. No more need for intermediary services or platforms, the way it should be done.

Peerplays Introduces Automatic fee-Sharing Distribution

TheMerkle_Peerplays Dividends Blockchain

With the growing demand and support for cryptocurrency and blockchain-based tokens, automatic fee-sharing distribution becomes even more important. Peerplays has been focusing their attention on creating a solution that works for everyone. Users can distribute dividends, promotions, and even free samples to token holders. Moreover, real-time distribution of stock dividends becomes possible as well.

Peerplays Blockchain Technology Consultant Jonathan Baha’i stated:

“Peerplays is aiming to be the first truly Decentralized Autonomous Cooperative (DAC), and we have just added a major piece to the puzzle. With this new profit sharing module, all the fees that Peerplays charges for smart contract operations and peer-to-peer wagering will be distributed directly to the holders of the core Peerplays blockchain tokens, just like a traditional co-op pays dividends to its shareholders.”

Projects such as BitShares are based on the Graphene blockchain concept as well. Albeit this new addition does not mean the solution is suddenly available to BitShares users, the developers could integrate this functionality if they want to. The dividend distribution code has been published under the MIT software license, allowing anyone to use it freely.

The Peerplays platform has been making a name for itself true decentralized wagering and creating a tournament platform on the blockchain. Their API can be used by any gaming and betting website to allow for blockchain-based wagering. All things considered, this concept is something that can help push blockchain adoption in various fields.

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