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Payza Faces Major Money Laundering Charges in the US

Most people are familiar with the company Payza. This particular service provider integrated cryptocurrency payments quite some time ago. It now seems the US government has taken a rather harsh course of action against Payza. The company faces charges of running an unlicensed money services business. US Government Cracks Down on Payza Any company dealing with cryptocurrencies will irate the US government sooner or later. In the case of Payza, …
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Payza Enables Full E-Wallet Support for Dash

People who often rely on online payments and e-wallets will have come across the name Payza. This company was the first provider to let members use Bitcoin alongside traditional currencies. Payza is now adding support for Dash, one of the top privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies. It’s an interesting choice, yet the company feels it is the only choice as of right now. Dash Support Comes to Payza Most companies that have paid attention to cryptocurrencies are …
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Paying With Bitcoin Through Payza Can Get Complicated

Using intermediary services when making payments can be quite a pain to deal with. Unfortunately, companies dealing with Bitcoin are not exempt from this rule. Payza, a well-respected online payment platform, recently started accepting Bitcoin payments for deposits and withdrawals. However, there are still some kinks that need to be worked out sooner rather than later. Payza Is Not An Ideal Bitcoin Payment Processor There is a very big difference …
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