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PayperEx – First Alternative Stock Market For Private Companies Based on Bitcoin Blockchain

Through the utilization of the Ethereum network’s immutable blockchain and transparent smart contracts-based ecosystem for decentralized applications, developers of PayperEx have built an alternative stock market for private companies within the cryptocurrency sector. Special offer for The Merkle members: Just before the token sale starts, get up to 25% extra PAX, signup and send this promo code – themerkleP4565 to [email protected] Over the past two years, the initial coin offering (ICO) market has demonstrated …
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PayperEx – The Alternative Share Market

While Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are fundamentally changing the way that finance works, it is always great to see projects challenge the finance sector even further. Continuing to push the norms of the market are the only ways to make disruptive and meaningful changes to it. We at the Merkle are happy to work with our sponsor PayperEx to explore how their project can change the way we think about the …
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