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TenX Price Monster Gains Continue as Speculators Remain Bullish

There is never a boring day in the world of cryptocurrency. Anything and everything can happen when people least expect it. In the case of the TenX price, it seems very unusual market shifts are taking place. Whereas some people thought the project would be done for, it seems the market has a completely different opinion regarding this development. TenX Price Surge Continues The end of 2018 and beginning of …
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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Stands Firm at $7,900

Bitcoin is holding firm at $7,900. While this is a serious drop from its weekend mark of $8,600, there have been no significant changes since March 26, though it was trading for about $8,100 in the evening hours. A $200 rise and fall window is nothing to be terribly concerned about, though it does suggest the currency is experiencing a stronger point of resistance than in has in recent weeks. …
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Jaxx Wallet Update Seemingly Removes PAY Token Support

UPDATE: A representative from Jaxx has indicated that PAY’s disappearance was temporary and that users’ tokens are secure. Cryptocurrency wallet providers often integrate support for additional currencies over time. In the case of Jaxx, it has been adding a ton of ERC20 tokens and altcoins over the past few months. A lot of people were pleased earlier this month when it enabled support for PAY, the token associated with the TenX project. However, the latest update …
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