Jaxx Wallet Update Seemingly Removes PAY Token Support

UPDATE: A representative from Jaxx has indicated that PAY’s disappearance was temporary and that users’ tokens are secure.

Cryptocurrency wallet providers often integrate support for additional currencies over time. In the case of Jaxx, it has been adding a ton of ERC20 tokens and altcoins over the past few months. A lot of people were pleased earlier this month when it enabled support for PAY, the token associated with the TenX project. However, the latest update of the Jaxx client seemingly no longer supports PAY, although the reason for this remains unclear for the time being.

Jaxx Removes PAY Support?

It is pretty uncommon to see a cryptocurrency wallet developer revoke support for a specific currency. This has happened in the past, but only when a token either became something else or turned out to be a major scam in the end. PAY, the token associated with the TenX cryptocurrency ICO, falls into neither category; that much is certain. This makes it all the more strange to see Jaxx no longer supporting this currency for some unknown reason.

More specifically, the updated Jaxx wallet has removed PAY from the version of the client. This seems to be affecting the mobile wallet as well as the browser plugin for the time being. It is also unclear whether any other currencies are currently missing. This news doesn’t necessarily affect user balances, although it is no longer possible to access them. It will be interesting to see what type of explanation the team has for this sudden decision, as it will not go over well by any means.

None of Jaxx’s users had any idea the wallet would suspend support for PAY whatsoever. Nor do the update notes make any specific mention of this decision, which only makes things even more confusing. A lot of people aren’t too happy with this decision whatsoever, regardless of the reasoning behind it. Considering that the company will not answer any requests related to technical support on Reddit, it is doubtful we will get an explanation anytime soon. The bigger question is whether or not the company plans to fix the problem or if it is a permanent change.

This situation becomes even stranger considering the company considers the new Jaxx client to be a milestone update, according to its blog. It contains back-end performance upgrades and some UI improvements. Improving the service by removing support for specific currencies is not exactly the way to go by any means; that much is certain.

Moreover, the new client does not yet support Bitcoin Cash, as that will come in a future version of Jaxx. All of the company’s big plans are slowly falling into place. Although the sudden removal of PAY will be considered a major setback by a lot of people, it is not necessarily clear whether it will be permanent. If this is a software issue, it shouldn’t be all that difficult for the developers to rectify the issue in a future update. We can only hope most people have not stored large amounts of PAY in Jaxx, as the wallet was never designed to serve as a long-term storage solution whatsoever.

Some other users have reported minor issues with the new Jaxx wallet as well. For a lot of people, balances were displayed as being zero out of the blue. Clearing the app’s cache seemingly resolves this problem, which is always an option worth exploring. However, clearing the cache will not suddenly show one’s PAY wallet, making this particular solution hit-or-miss. Decentral will have some explaining to do in the coming days; that much is certain.