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Paradise Papers Hint at Underlying Connection Between Tether and Bitfinex

There have been some interesting developments in the world of cryptocurrency which shouldn’t go by unnoticed. When the Paradise Papers were released, people initially assumed this would mean big things for cryptocurrency. While it is certainly true this was damning evidence in regards to traditional finance, things are not black and white either. In fact, one very prominent person in cryptocurrency was exposed in the Paradise Papers, which is rather worrisome. Tether and Bitfinex Get Scrutinized It is …
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Could Blockchain Technology Prevent More Paradise Papers?

The second-largest data leak in history recently took place. Termed the Paradise Papers – almost assuredly a name nodding to tropical islands – this dump of data exposes the offshore holdings and dealings of many of the world’s elite rich. If you’re ultra-wealthy, you probably just got outed The Paradise Papers leak follows in the footsteps of the Panama Papers leak of last year. While the Paradise Papers may not have dumped nearly as …
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