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Two Independent OpenVPN Audits Yield Mostly Positive Results

A lot of people around the world rely on a VPN connection to access information and obfuscate online behavior. A lot of VPN providers use the OpenVPN protocol, which has become somewhat of an industry standard these days. A recent security audit of the OpenVPN protocol yielded some interesting results, although not everything is as positive as people would like it to be. OpenVPN Audits Reveal Some Peculiar Details Most …
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OpenVPN 2.4 Cryptographic Audit Will be Conducted By Matthew D. Green

VPN Solutions are becoming far more commonly used than ever before, not only because consumers want to hide their real location from hackers and governments, but also because a VPN allows people to bypass censorship and restrictions. OpenVPN, one of the most commonly used protocols, will undergo a cryptographic audit once it comes out of beta. The OpenVPN 2.4 Cryptographic Audit Many people rely on VPN services because they trust …
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Bitcoin VPN Review – DoubleVPN

Breaking into the Bitcoin VPN game can be quite a challenge. DoubleVPN is one of the most recently launched companies in this space, yet they are facing a lot of scrutinies already. Albeit the owner claims to not keep activity logs, their pricing seem to put off a lot of users. Let’s take a look at what makes this company so expensive compared to others, shall we? DoubleVPN – Is …
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