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Breaking into the Bitcoin VPN game can be quite a challenge. DoubleVPN is one of the most recently launched companies in this space, yet they are facing a lot of scrutinies already. Albeit the owner claims to not keep activity logs, their pricing seem to put off a lot of users. Let’s take a look at what makes this company so expensive compared to others, shall we?

DoubleVPN – Is The Pricing Justified?

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Most users look for very specific things in their future VPN service. The fact that DoubleVPN seemingly does not keep logs is a plus, although it is difficult to tell whether or not other companies do so per se.Unlimited traffic and high connection speeds are standard among VPN providers, and should not be counted as an extra feature by any means.

One thing that can make or break a VPN service is the number of servers users can choose from. Preferably, these servers have to be coated all over the world. DoubleVPN is spread out among the US, Canada, Europe, and Singapore, giving them a presence all over the world. For users looking to bypass certain geo-restrictions, this is positive news.

Similar to most other VPN providers in the world, DoubleVPN will work on most devices. Their FAQ has guides for iOS devices, Ubuntu, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows, covering most of the modern operating systems. More advanced users can also set up this solution through OpenVPN, should they prefer to do so.

There is one peculiar feature about DoubleVPN that may attract a lot of attention. The company uses a reserve subscription, which lets users connect to their VPN network through encrypted traffic. However, this will only grant access to specific websites until the subscription is renewed. Quite a neat solution, and something that one does not come across often.

Which brings us to the subscription plans, which is also the part most Bitcoin enthusiasts have an issue with it seems. DoubleVPN is not a cheap solution by any means. The most affordable subscription starts at US$25 per month, and users can choose to “chain” different VPN servers for a price of up to US$48 per month. Compared to traditional services, this is rather expensive, and there is no apparent reason as to why this is.

There is no company information available on the website, or in the WHOIS records.


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