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OpenLedger Suddenly Raises Withdrawal Fees to 5%

Centralized exchanges have been both a blessing and a curse upon the crypto industry. OpenLedger recently introduced some odd changes that don’t sit well with its users. When an exchange increases withdrawal fees for no apparent reason, there will be some dismay. What is Going on at OpenLedger? Those fees now sit at 5% of the total withdrawal amount, at least where OpenLedger is concerned. Interestingly enough, it appears that …
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OpenLedger’s Ronny Boesing is Bullish on Blockchain

Danish cryptocurrency and blockchain tech trailblazer Ronny Boesing has come a long way since starting out as an entrepreneur selling CDs and video games. Today, he is the incredibly active CEO of his own cryptocurrency exchange, with his OpenLedger platform overseeing some $5 million worth of cryptocurrency trades daily in its fourth year of operation. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article OpenLedger – a History Even before the cryptocurrency boom …
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DigixDAO DGD Assets To Be Listed on OpenLedger

The DigixDAO crowdsale has attracted a lot of attention in recent weeks, which is only normal given the relative ease with which the campaign reached its goal. OpenLedger, the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, has listed the DigixDao assets on their platform, allowing it to be traded freely from now on. DigixDAO Trading On OpenLedger Users who are interested in trading the DigixDAO asset on the OpenLedger exchange platform should look for …
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