DigixDAO DGD Assets To Be Listed on OpenLedger

The DigixDAO crowdsale has attracted a lot of attention in recent weeks, which is only normal given the relative ease with which the campaign reached its goal. OpenLedger, the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, has listed the DigixDao assets on their platform, allowing it to be traded freely from now on.

DigixDAO Trading On OpenLedger

TheMerkle_OpenLedger DigixDAO DGD

Users who are interested in trading the DigixDAO asset on the OpenLedger exchange platform should look for the DGD ticket. Do keep in mind this is not the same as the official gold-backed DGX tokens, but rather the asset allow for transactions of digital gold tokens through DigixDAO and over the Ethereum blockchain.

Every single DGD asset is similar to owning a share in the company, and they are currently all being held by members contributing to DigixDAO at an early stage. As is usually the case with shareholders, they are entitled to period dividends, generated by the DGX sales and transactions fees of the DigixDAO platform.

Once the DGD asset coins become available for trading – on April 29, 2016, at 00:00 UTC – a similar IOU asset – called OPEN.DGD – is created The IOU assets will become freely transferable and can also be withdrawn. The eventual trading price for this DigixDAO asset will be determined by the free market, and it can be traded against various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Considering how DGD makes use of Ethereum smart contracts to register its value and transactions associated with digital gold tokens, it seems to be a good fit for the OpenLedger exchange. Moreover, the DigixDAO team has confirmed they will be bringing the DGX tokens to the OpenLedger exchange platform in the future as well. This will give platform users a chance to trade gold-backed tokens freely and against all supported cryptocurrencies.

Accessing gold is become increasingly easy in the world of cryptocurrencies right now. OpenLedger also deals with fiat currencies, which makes this addition even more interesting. Moreover, they do offer a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, assets, and tokens, which can all be traded intermittently.

Source: Bitcoin PR Buzz

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