Trump Hotels Fined Over Credit Card Data Breach, Victims Left In The Cold

When the Trump Hotels chain suffered its second data breach last year, the group was rather slow to issue a public warning. The State of New York is not all too happy about this lackluster approach and fined Trump Hotels US$50,000. The 70,000 users who have their credit card information stolen, however, will not see any additional compensation due to this ordeal. Credit Card Users Are Always Screwed Royally The …
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NYDFS Introduces Cyber Security Guidelines For BitLicense Holders

It looks like more trouble is brewing on the horizon for Bitcoin companies targeting the New York area. Other than obtaining for a BitLicense to operate legally, new cybersecurity rules have been proposed by the NYDFS. BitLicense holders would have to adhere to these new guidelines as well, although there is a 45-day comment period. NYDFS Strikes Again With Unnecessary Proposals It is safe to assume very few people are …
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NYDFS Grants Another BitLicense to Ripple

New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) issued a new BitLicense to Ripple Labs Inc, the company will be able to sell and hold XRP, Ripple’s native cryptocurrency token.  One year after the New York State authorities began asking companies to apply for a BitLicense -to maintain a proper legal framework-, Ripple Labs has been granted permission to sell, hold, and transact with XRP. Ripple offers a Global Settlement Network. …
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