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Two Dutch Brothers Facing Charges for Bitcoin Mining with Stolen Power

Two brothers from the Netherlands are facing prison time for using stolen power to run a bitcoin mining operation. Prosecutors in the Netherlands say the computers were used to mind an estimated 200,00 Euros worth of bitcoin. “Powerful computers were used to mine the electronic currency. They were found in a building in the port city of Rotterdam that belonged to one of the brothers, and was also used as …
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Netherlands Leads the Dark Net Polls in Drug Distribution

A new report shows that the Netherlands is the leading supplier of drugs among dark net vendors. Internet-facilitated drugs trade was released by the Dutch Justice Ministry and took into consideration the size, scope, and the role the Netherlands is playing in the online drug business. Researchers scanned 50 dark net markets and vendor shops to find that the Netherlands calls a very huge portion of the markets and sites …
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BTC Finance Opens Its Doors in The Netherlands

BTC Finance Opens Its Doors in The Netherlands Bitcoin adoption in The Netherlands is reaching new heights week after week it seems. Initiatives such as Arnhem Bitcoinstad, with a few dozen participating merchants, and the opening of a Bitcoin Embassy in Amsterdam are just a few examples of Bitcoin’s popularity. And what about BTC Finance, a Bitcoin-consultancy and development company? BTC Finance is located in Made, The Netherlands, and opened …
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