BTC Finance Opens Its Doors in The Netherlands

BTC Finance Opens Its Doors in The Netherlands


Bitcoin adoption in The Netherlands is reaching new heights week after week it seems. Initiatives such as Arnhem Bitcoinstad, with a few dozen participating merchants, and the opening of a Bitcoin Embassy in Amsterdam are just a few examples of Bitcoin’s popularity. And what about BTC Finance, a Bitcoin-consultancy and development company?

BTC Finance is located in Made, The Netherlands, and opened its door to the public just last week. The company goal is creating an easy-to-use environment where users can manage their digital finances, as well as invest in commodities and stocks,  in a safe and secure way.

But that is not all, as BTC Finance will also serve as a platform to connect entrepreneurs with investors and vice versa. Furthermore, this Bitcon startup will help entrepreneurs and investors in any and every way they possibly can. A good relationship with clients will be established by developing business cases and investment plans.

BTC Finance is made up of several different companies. One of these companies is BTCodex, a social trading platform for both cryptocurrencies and stocks. BTCodex is currently still in development, and the platform is expected to launch in the near future.

The team behind BTC Finance is a mix of young enthusiastic entrepreneurs ; all of whom posses extensive knowledge about the Bitcoin protocol, and experienced entrepreneurs with the know-how on how to successfully run a business. Additionally, BTC Finance works together with experienced parties knowledgeable in programming financial environments.

BTC Finance offers Bitcoin-consultancy to both individuals and businesses alike. The team will gladly advise you on the concept of Bitcoin, potential investments, how to mine Bitcoins , and how any profit made from Bitcoin will not be taxed by the government.

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