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Latest Locky Ransomware Distribution Campaign Targets Windows XP and Vista Users

There is good news and bad news when it comes to the infamous Locky ransomware strain. The bad news is how this type of malware has received another update and is now being distributed via a spam campaign. The good news is how it only targets Windows XP and Vista users. This latter part is not necessarily all that good, though, as a lot of consumers and corporations still rely …
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Locky Ransomware Returns yet Again Thanks to the Necurs Botnet

Even though a lot of people had hoped Locky ransomware would finally disappear into obscurity, it appears we are not so lucky after all. In fact, researchers indicate the malware is making a rather surprising return, thanks to the Necurs botnet. A new dedicated spam campaign is underway to bring this ransomware to as many people as possible. The Return of Locky Ransomware (Again) It appears certain types of malware …
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Necurs Botnet Developers Add DDoS Capabilities To Their Modular Malware

The last thing this world needs is botnets getting even more capable of causing havoc. Unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening with the Necurs botnet right now. In a recently update by the developers, this botnet malware has added a new trick to successfully execute DDoS attacks. It seems to be only a matter of time until the next global denial-of-service attack is initiated by a botnet operator. A …
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