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Bitcoin Micropayments Platform SatoshiPay Announces New API

London-based bitcoin micropayments firm SatoshiPay has released their new API (Application Programming Interface). SatoshiPay’s previous implementation only allowed WordPress integration, however, the new API will allow content authors on any platform to start receiving small digital currency payments for their works. Meinhard Benn, Co-founder and CEO of SatoshiPay, explained in one of his blog posts: “Using our API, developers of content management systems can write their own plugins and publishers …
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SatoshiPay announces their current results and future business plans

Perhaps another of the important benefits of Bitcoin and its underlying technology, the blockchain, is the fact that micropayments, as small as $0.01 and even lower can be made using the digital currency. Recently, various companies have decided to leverage this possibility, and encourage microtransactions, or nanopayments, as referred to by SatoshiPay. The London-based company has recently announced the initial results of their initial product launch. According to the reports, …
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SatoshiPay Closes Round of Funding To Explore Bitcoin Nanopayments

Things are looking very promising for SatoshiPay, as the startup plans to explore the boundaries of Bitcoin and nanopayments. Even though the Bitcoin startup has seen a great response from community members willing to test its platform so far, things have to keep moving along.  To further expand the business, additional funding was needed, and the company just announced they secured EUR 360k. Also read: How To Convert An Amazon …
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