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Here Are Three Things That May Happen to Satoshi’s Fortune

Satoshi Nakamoto is the person or persons who are responsible for the creation of Bitcoin by releasing its whitepaper in 2008. This person, or collective, also was responsible for the majority of the mining at the beginning of Bitcoin’s existence. As a result, their private keys hold about 980,000 Bitcoins, which have been left untouched since Satoshi exited the community. What is the future of this fortune? Scenario 1: Quantum Computing Makes Satoshi’s …
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Zendozen DAO Will Elect A Congress For Bitcoin

The topic of decentralizing voting – or even a democracy – has been kicked around a few times, and it is good to see new projects exploring this space come to fruition. Zendozen is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization to let anyone with an Internet connection vote on a congress for Bitcoin. Also read: BitShares Technical Analysis for 04/10/2016 – Price Breaks Underneath Massive Pivot Zone Creating A DAO For Bitcoin …
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