Zendozen DAO Will Elect A Congress For Bitcoin

The topic of decentralizing voting – or even a democracy – has been kicked around a few times, and it is good to see new projects exploring this space come to fruition. Zendozen is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization to let anyone with an Internet connection vote on a congress for Bitcoin.

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Creating A DAO For Bitcoin Congress Voting

TheMerkle_Election Bitcoin Congress DAO

Using the power of decentralized technology will ultimately lead to various exciting projects. Now that more people are becoming acquainted with the concept of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, developers are looking for different ways to integrate this idea into everyday life.

Whether or not that means Zendozen will be the end-all solution for decentralized voting on a congress, remains to be seen. For the time being, the project seems to focus on electing a congress for Bitcoin, consisting of 12 people, all of whom are chosen through consensus. The primary objective for this Bitcoin congress is to oversee the open source code development of the Bitcoin protocol.

The name Zendozen is chosen aptly in this regard, with the 12 representatives making up the congress for Bitcoin. All of these individuals are elected by the community and anyone in the world with an Internet connection. What makes this concept even more intriguing is how all of the participants will be labeled as “Nakamoto”, in honor of the creator of Bitcoin.  

Some of the congress members will remain anonymous whereas others will be completely transparent regarding their identity. The voting process will be open to just about anyone as the Zendozen creator is in favor of inviting anonymous hackers to partake in this “election”.

Last but not least, the DAO creator – who goes by the name “Artist” – wants to create a Virtual Reality Zendo, where elected members can meet in a secure online environment. Additional features will be coming as well, such as better backend security features, anti-spam measures, and various undisclosed crypto features.

Website: Zendozen

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