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MyEtherWallet Remains an Independent Project Despite Code Being Forked

There is still a lot of confusion as to what will happen with MyEtherWallet moving forward. A lot of people fear this service will not continue on, even though there is no reason to worry. In fact, a new blog post explains┬áthat the service will remain in existence for quite some time to come. MyEtherwallet Isn’t Going Anywhere A lot of people have taken a strong liking to the MyEtherWallet …
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Ethereum Wallet Review – MyEtherWallet

There are quite a few different Ethereum wallet solutions available. Most people have taken a liking to MyEtherWallet, as it provides a convenient solution. More importantly, MyEtherWallet also comes with hardware wallet support, which allows for the creation of safe storage solutions. Despite the convenience, MyEtherWallet is far from perfect. MyEtherWallet Mixes Convenience and Frustration On the surface, the MyEtherwallet platform looks professional and offers all types of services one …
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