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What Is Ethos?

A project that goes by the name of Ethos sounds like something very philosophical. The mission of the Ethos team is not all that different, as they aim to provide a people-powered cryptocurrency platform to the masses. Whether or not this project can become the future of finance remains to be seen. So far, it certainly offers a lot of interesting features for users to check out. What is Ethos …
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KeepKey Hardware Wallet Adds Multicurrency and ShapeShift Support

KeepKey is one of the handful of popular hardware Bitcoin wallet providers in the world today. Companies like these have to keep evolving and meet customer demand at all times. Integrating support for multiple currencies seems to be a logical step. At the same time, KeepKey also integrated Shapeshift, allowing for quick conversions between supported cryptocurrencies. A Big Step Forward For The KeepKey Team The partnership between KeepKey and ShapeShift …
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