KeepKey Hardware Wallet Adds Multicurrency and ShapeShift Support

KeepKey is one of the handful of popular hardware Bitcoin wallet providers in the world today. Companies like these have to keep evolving and meet customer demand at all times. Integrating support for multiple currencies seems to be a logical step. At the same time, KeepKey also integrated Shapeshift, allowing for quick conversions between supported cryptocurrencies.

A Big Step Forward For The KeepKey Team

The partnership between KeepKey and ShapeShift was announced quite some time ago. Wallet providers are always looking for ways to increase their presence in the cryptocurrency world. There is no reason anyone should limit themselves just to Bitcoin, as there are successful alternative currencies in existence.

Being able to exchange between supported cryptocurrencies on the KeepKey was a feature tested in beta for quite some time. Collecting valuable feedback and ironing out any lingering bugs is of the utmost importance. The new and updated firmware has been made available to KeepKey users all over the world late last night.

But there are some other interesting changes as well. The Chrome extension for this hardware wallet will now support Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. An exciting addition, albeit neither of these currencies, is seeing significant market traction right now. Then again, there seems to be a demand for this feature, and time will tell if it was worth the effort.

Transaction signing on the software end has also been improved. So much even that everything should run nearly five times as fast. Typical transactions will not benefit from this speed improvement, but large transactions will be processed a lot quicker. An excellent change either way, as it makes the user experience better.

All in all, the hardware cryptocurrency wallet ecosystem is thriving. KeepKey, Ledger, TREZOR, and others are doing quite well as of late. Additionally, this new wave of supporting alternative currencies could prove to be the smart decision. After all, if the hardware is solid, the software can be expanded upon quite quickly.

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